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How to get the most out of your fleet and asset management

19th March 2021

Do you employ taxi drivers, delivery drivers, truck or HGV drivers, or any member of staff who travels to deliver the goods/services you provide? Community nurses, care workers security guards or retail staff?

Here at Challenger we offer the best software to manage and support your vehicles and devices, in order to help give you the peace of mind you need when sending your workers out and about. Thinking of investing in your fleet and asset management? Here are just a few ways that our solutions can help you.

Driver Safety & Vehicle Health

With our fleet management systems, you are able to keep track of your commercial fleet whether they are cars, vans, lorries or construction vehicles. You are able to use the tracking software to see them in real-time on a map, which gives you the ability to see how long they have been at a specific location, whether they are on the move or stationery.

We recently worked with Ash Civil Engineering to install our Trakm8 devices. Our fleet management solution has enabled them to set up a screen in the office dedicated to monitoring where each vehicle is in real time. If a query comes in about a specific job, they are able to let clients know instantly if their engineer is on site, leaving after a finished job or even how far away from the next job they are. They can also confirm the total time spent on a site which is useful when it comes to project and cost management. You can read the full case study here.

In order to ensure that your drivers are safe whilst driving, our trackers can detect harsh braking, speeding and over-cornering with driver behaviour statistics. These trackers are known to reduce accident rates by over a third and fuel costs by up to 10% with driver behaviour reporting alone.

The tracking software also allows you to monitor the health of your vehicles via notifications or email alerts. This way you can keep on top of vehicle mileage and set reminders and alerts for vehicle servicing whilst keeping your eye out for vehicle warning lights, fuel levels and battery health.

Increased Productivity & Reduced Costs

Unoptimised routes can lead to poor time management and increased costs. With our Fleet Optimisation you can plan and send optimised directions to your employee’s devices to ensure that they are taking the best route in order to make as many visits, jobs or deliveries they can in one day, boosting your productivity!

The software will consider the size of your fleet vehicle, the number of jobs, the locations of jobs and any specific requirements your customers may have. For example, ‘If not in, please leave with my neighbour.’

Plus, with the ability to better plan your routes, you can cut fuel costs by up to 10%.

Specifically for HVG drivers, as we are a Trakm8 approved reseller of hardware and systems, we can also help you work towards your FORS and DVS accreditation. Read more about DVS here.

Lone Worker Safety

As an employer you have a duty of responsibility to ensure that your lone workers are secure and safe whilst they carry out their daily duties. If you have members of staff that are alone during their working hours, you should have a lone worker policy in place.

With our market leading app, you can offer safety features to your employees such as Routine Welfare Checks (RWC) and SOS Panic Alerts. This app can be installed on your workers’ mobiles phones and be operated without the need for an additional or dedicated device.

Routine Welfare Checks are set by the lone worker and means that their manager can be informed that they need to be monitored for a specific period of time. This could be whilst they are making deliveries, whilst visiting a specific site or visiting a patient’s home. If for any reason the worker does not respond during the monitoring time, their manager will be automatically informed via the application with an emergency call.

Our trackers also have an NFC (Near Field Communications) bolt on feature that enables lone workers to swipe in and out of a specific location that have been tagged. That way, you know exactly when your employee has arrived and left that location and how long they spent there too. Combined with the RWC functionality it can also be used to automatically monitor your lone worker when they arrive at a destination.


With 30 years of experience, Challenger are well equipped to help you manage your fleet and assets with all-important tracking and protection.

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