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Fleet Management

Easily monitor the journeys your staff make and gain insight into journey details such as average speed, fuel consumption, timesheets and locations.

Fleet Management

Vehicle and asset tracking

Track your cars, vans, lorries, construction vehicles and unpowered assets. See them live on a map, how long they have been at a certain site, and if they are moving or stationary.

Driver behaviour

Detect harsh braking, speeding and over-cornering with our driver behaviour statistics. Reduce accident rates by over a third and fuel costs by up to 10% with driver behaviour reporting alone.

Vehicle health

Get alerts by email and through the software. The system will monitor vehicle warning lights, fuel levels and battery health amongst others. Keep track of each vehicle’s mileage and set up reminders and alerts for service intervals.

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Fleet Optimisation

Route planning

When you have vehicles moving around on a regular basis, unoptimised routes can lead to poor time management and increased costs. Send optimised routes directly to your drivers’ devices and view their route live on the platform.

Increased productivity

The optimisation software will consider things such as size of fleet, number of deliveries/jobs, locations of deliveries/jobs and any specific requirements your customers may have.

Cost reductions

Our optimisation solution has been proven to cut fuel costs by up to 20%!

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