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Fixed Broadband

Challenger can advise your business on which kind of fixed broadband service is the best for your requirements, and provide a service which is tailored to you.


Fibre broadband is a technology that connects a user’s home or place of business to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly using fibre optic cables. Data may be transmitted across fibre incredibly quickly and without encountering any resistance or line degradation.

The main benefit of fibre is speed, which can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps in places adjacent to an exchange. Higher upload and download speeds and reliability mean that high-quality media can be streamed with ease and at faster rates than ever before. Furthermore, fibre is a part of the “next generation” of the internet and provides speeds that will greatly increase your capabilities, productivity, and output.

If having quicker internet speeds is a priority for you, Fibre is the answer.

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No more phone lines

The majority of businesses are no longer looking for landline services due to the impending PSTN switch-off in 2025 and a rise in the use of hosted phone systems. The use of traditional telecommunications is expensive and ageing. As service providers adopt new technologies, users may now buy a single connection, making solutions for companies of all kinds more scalable, flexible, and affordable.

Single-order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is a new technology that allows us to provide internet without the requirement for a phone connection. As it doesn’t need a separate phone connection, it is easier to install and is more dependable than ADSL. High-speed, dependable connections from SoGEA are offered, and they are specially made to work with a hosted phone system.

Managing your business’s demands is easier with only one line since you are dealing with one single provider and a single phone call for adjustments. Additionally, it is less expensive than the price of a phone line and a standard Internet plan taken together.

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4G/5G Backup Sim

What would you do if your broadband failed?

Remain connected in the event of an outage with 4G/5G backup from Challenger.

A simple, cost-effective solution with a 4G/5G sim that can be utilised by a compatible router, for peace of mind in the event of broadband disconnection.

Simply insert your sim or dongle and relax knowing your business is backed up.

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