ADSL & Fibre Broadband

Challenger can advise your business on which kind of fixed broadband service is the best for your requirements, and provide a service which is tailored to you.


ADSL is an internet service which most UK homes and businesses opted for when replacing older dial up internet.

As ADSL broadband is generally delivered using the original BT copper phone lines it usually isn’t necessary to put any new lines in, although line rental will be paid.

The maximum speeds offered by ADSL are around 20 Mbps for downloading and 1.5 Mbps for uploading. With slower speeds than offered by fibre connections, the main benefit of opting for ADSL is the lower price than that of fibre.

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In general, a fibre broadband connection is around ten times faster than a traditional ADSL connection, although it should be noted that the broadband offered is a contended DSL service.

In simple terms, this means that the more people who are using a particular line in and out of your premises at the same time, the slower the actual speeds being delivered will be.

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4G/5G Backup Sim

What would you do if your broadband failed?

Remain connected in the event of an outage with 4G/5G backup from Challenger.

A simple, cost-effective solution with a 4G/5G sim that can be utilised by a compatible router, for peace of mind in the event of broadband disconnection.

Simply insert your sim or dongle and relax knowing your business is backed up.

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