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Minimise call times

Average handle time (AHT) is an extremely important metric for businesses that get a large volume of customer calls. The more customers you help can lead to increased sales and a higher satisfaction rating.

Your handle time is dependent on the time your customers spend on hold, queue times and ring time, however, there are times when there is a higher influx of calls than normal such as during peak times and specific seasons. To maintain a high level of customer service, it’s important that you ensure their experience is a positive one, even if they have to wait a little while.

Office calls

To reduce your call times, we can recommend a few tips such as staff training on call software and tools, CRM, and instant messaging such as Teams. This will ensure that your staff can record information easily and ensure you can give quick answers to your callers. Recording your calls means that it’s much easier for managers to access staff performance and identify weaknesses in areas needing improvement.

Customer service

IVRs and auto-attendant software such as Challengers Voice Studio can help reduce call times by offering the option for customers to access certain information on their own, without being routed to a member of staff. If the customer still needs to be routed to a staff member, the system can do it, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Challengers Voice Studio also offers professionally recorded welcome messages, menus, and music on hold. As callers to your business will typically spend about 20% of the call time on hold, your in-queue and on-hold audio must be optimised!

Voice IP Phone

Products for minimising admin time

Challenger supports many businesses with a range of products to keep your customer call times to a minimum…

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of callers give up after they’re kept on hold for too long

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of customers would switch companies because of poor customer service

*Stats taken from NewVoice and Accenture

Let Challenger help you to keep your call times to a minimum…

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The team at Challenger really pulled out the stops.

 When our internal telephone system failed, they managed to get us set up with a temporary number with a divert and have 8 new Yealink VOIP telephones programmed, dispatched and installed within a week. There was no disruption to business and, most importantly, no stress to me, top work Challenger, I can’t thank you all enough.

Gilbert Baitson

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