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M2M & IoT SIMs

Intelligent, efficient connectivity management

Challenger’s machine to machine (M2M) connectivity solution seamlessly pulls together your data so you can get on with the business of business.

Global Connectivity

We’ll help you to merge your physical and digital worlds, transforming your abilities to manage staff and systems whether on-site or remotely.

We can have your M2M solution up and running quickly, ensuring no disruption to your business and providing full support and an exceptional aftercare service.

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Alarms & Stock Management

Our M2M systems can also be used to monitor and control alarm systems including reporting and alerting, if and when triggered.

In addition, we can connect warehouse and retail management devices to streamline stock control and simplify availability checking.

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Scalable Solutions

One of the key benefits of using our M2M services are that they’re fully scalable, with unlimited capacity to grow in line with your business needs.

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Logistics and Tracking

M2M is often used to transfer data from drivers’ vans to company head quarters via a tachograph device, to track drivers’ progress or even to issue an alert from a taxi to advise a customer their car is on its way.

Alarm Systems

M2M connectivity management can be used to monitor and control alarm systems, such as issuing an alert in a cold storage facility when a freezer’s temperature drops below compliance regulations.

Warehouse Management

Keep on top of goods in and goods out by connecting your warehouse management devices with your central business system - then you have all the information you need in one convenient place at all times.

Robots & Automation

M2M allows your systems to exchange information and respond, so you can connect all aspects of your automated production or packing line for a smoothly operating manufacturing/distribution facility.

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