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Reducing manual admin so you have time can grow your business

Employees are spending only 60% of their work day doing their job according to research commissioned by Brian Green, Head of Commercial Sales (EMEA) at Adobe. The lost time is due to unnecessary meetings, excessive admin tasks and wastefully lengthy processes.

The study found that out of 2,000 employed adults, 48% of them spent most of the day doing admin tasks and dealing with a high number of emails, which ate into their ability to focus on doing their job.

The study also found that unexpected phone calls and last-minute meetings contributed to an overall lack of productivity in the surveyed employees’ day-to-day. Many did say however that working from home has fewer distractions and a quieter environment.


Brian said: “Although digital tools which once rescued us from isolation are still in use, we seem to have forgotten their power in enabling enhanced collaboration. We as business owners and leaders need to do more to promote tech that enables productivity in the modern-day workplace.”

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businesses don’t use software to streamline their admin

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employees found day-to-day tasks more difficult working from home

*Stats taken from research commissioned by Brian Green, Head of Commercial Sales (EMEA) at Adobe

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We have been working closely with Challenger over the last year to get the new systems and phones up and running and can say quite conclusively that they have met all our requirements and have left no stone unturned in setting up our network of devices. The backup is simply a call away, so when we needed to make some adjustments, nothing was too much trouble!

The phones have reduced the need for paperwork processes and ensured that we are always connected with our drivers and has given us the freedom to give them the tools to carry out their daily duties! The time saving has positively impacted all areas of our transport dept. and ultimately reduced our costs!

Paul Gibbard, Transport Manager at CRS Building Supplies

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