Remote Working

4 ways Microsoft Teams can boost staff productivity

30th October 2020

In an increasingly digital landscape, more and more of the way we do business is moving online. New tools introduced to the market enable us to access content immediately, liaise with colleagues and clients with greater ease and also accomplish increasing numbers of essential tasks whilst on the move.

Microsoft is leading the way for enterprise collaboration with their Microsoft Teams app. With over 13 million users, it outstrips competition from other collaboration apps like Slack and Cisco by far.

But how can Teams actually boost your staff productivity? We’ve rounded up our four top reasons below.

Video and voice calling

Enabling your workforce to communicate whenever and however they choose by the simple click of a button is what makes Teams such an asset to your workplace. Microsoft Teams works on any device, meaning your staff can very easily voice or video call from wherever they are. You can even get dial-in numbers for people without an internet connection!

Instant messaging

A team that can communicate freely can work more efficiently. Microsoft Teams’ instant messaging feature will facilitate an ongoing flow of communication between staff, meaning that new ideas and information can be shared easily and instantly.

File and screen sharing

One of the best features in Microsoft Teams which allows the workplace to collaborate and communicate clearly is the file and screen share function. The screen share feature allows meeting hosts to make sure participants are all on the same page, making the meeting generally more focused and productive. The file share functionality enables for a quick and immediate share of important documents, with the ability to add amends and notes within the Teams app.

In-depth integration with Office 365

If you already use Microsoft Outlook, Word, or Excel, then updating your communication stack with Microsoft Teams makes for a very smooth transition. Adding Teams will give you the ability to launch an instant message, video call, or conversation directly from a Microsoft Word document.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Office 365 can benefit your business, get in touch with a member of our team today.