Life at Challenger

Employee Spotlight: Zoe Jones

28th May 2024


Meet Zoe Jones, from the Challenger Tech Support Team!

How long have you been at Challenger?

I started in July 2018 so that makes it nearly 6 years, doesn’t feel that long though!

Have you worked on any other Teams within the company?

I started on the Customer Support team and was there for 2 years and then made the move over to the Tech Support team

Apart from your current position 😊 what would be your ‘other’ dream job?

I’m torn between two. Either a secondary school teacher or something in aviation – maybe a pilot?

What do you love about your role and working @ CMC?

No two days are the same, one day I could be setting a phone system set up, and then the next I could be configuring a router, or checking why the speeds are slow. As for CMC, I love the people I work with. Everyone is incredibly kind and friendly, I can hand on heart say I have met some people here who will be my friends for life.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Arghh do I have to pick one?! Rome is definitely up there. It was the first holiday me and my husband went on, the food, weather and place is absolutely stunning. However, New Zealand is also high ranked, but not for me, for my husband who is lord of the rings obsessed.

Fave food?

Frickles!!! (Deep fried pickles) Don’t knock it till you try it 🤤

Do you have any hidden talents?

When I cross my eyes I can move them independently of each other. Freaks a lot of people out!

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

I spend a lot of my spare time with my two boys (Norman and Gus) who are both rescues. Norman has IBD so need a bit of time dedicated to his care (think chasing him around the house trying to get him to swallow a tablet). Aside from that you’ll probably find me on the sofa with my kindle or binge watching the latest Netflix series.