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Lone Worker Protection

Protect your lone workers with our market leading app, which enables you to constantly monitor the welfare of your team.

Market Leading App

Challenger’s mobile application can be installed on your lone workers’ Android devices, offering safety features such as Routine Welfare Checks (RWC) and SOS Panic Alerts.

Plus, our smart phone app can be operated without the need for an additional or dedicated device.

Convenient, safe, secure

Welfare Monitor

An RWC can be set by the lone worker using their handset. This means that the administrator is informed that the worker requires monitoring for a specified period of time.

Should the monitoring time pass, without a response from the lone worker, the application will automatically activate an emergency call and inform the administrator via the web-based system.

Ensure their safety


Our NFC (Near Field Communications) bolt on enables lone workers to swipe in and out of designated locations which have been NFC tagged. In this way administrators will know that the lone worker has arrived and left, and how long they spent at a specific location.

NFC functionality can also be used to automatically set an RWC when a lone worker presents their device at a destination.

Check-in, Check-out, Safe

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