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Ash Civil Engineering

The Objective

Ash Civil Engineering were in need of a system that would enable them to have instant access to vehicle locations. Since they work with utility companies they need to be able to confirm when urgent same-day jobs have been completed. Their previous system consisted of plug-in hardware to help them keep track of their vehicles however they found that it was lacking in some areas.


The Solution

Challenger switched them over to hard wired Trakm8 trackers in September 2020. Ash Civil Engineering now enjoy a hassle-free service which gives them all of the information they need on a daily basis. Their fleet management solution has enabled them to set up a screen in the office dedicated to showing where each vehicle is in real time. If a query comes in about a specific job, Ash are able to let clients know instantly if their engineer is on site, leaving after a finished job or even how far away from the next job they are. They can also confirm the total time spent on a site.

Engineer on site


“Having a fleet management system really adds value to our company. Challenger keep an eye on us and their efficient support is only a phone call away.”


– Lucy Ashbrook, Director

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