What is ‘Driver Behaviour’ and why do I need to measure it?

9th November 2021

1. Identify areas of driving improvement and reduce accident rates

The road safety charity RoSPA estimates that businesses can reduce accident rates by more than a third when they adopt driver behaviour technology.

2. Save money

Our driver behaviour solutions are proven to cut fuel costs by up to 10%! They can also reduce instances of speeding and help you negotiate lower insurance premiums, thanks to a decrease in your at-fault accident rate.

3. Reduce speeding incidents

Get reports and alerts quickly identifying the worst speeding offenders so you can support them to improve their driving, saving lives and fuel costs.

4. Minimise harsh braking events

Harsh braking increases wear and tear on your vehicles reducing the residual value over time. The driver behaviour solution from Insight allows fleet managers to understand incidents of harsh braking, which can help drivers understand and improve driver behaviour, for example by early anticipation of the need to brake.

5. Reduce running costs by reducing engine idling

The act of a driver leaving the engine running while their vehicle is stationary is a waste of fuel and is also an offence under Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. The act enforces Rule 123 of the Highway Code, which states: “You must not leave a vehicle’s engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road.” Insight can alert you to excessive idling, saving costs and reducing the risk of fines.

6. Cut wear and tear by reducing harsh acceleration and over-revving

Over time, if your drivers continuously accelerate harshly, this will begin to put more strain on your vehicle’s engine and use more fuel. Insight identifies harsh acceleration events, helping identify offenders so that fleet managers can help improve their driving style.

7. Reduce over-cornering with smoother driving

Turning at higher-than-normal speeds can increase vehicle wear and tear while being unsafe for other road users and pedestrians.

Spotlight – the ACC750 – our new In Cab DriverID and Driver Feedback solution

Get alerts and driver score updates in real time.

The device will warn you about events such as idling, lane departure and harsh braking.

Switch between ‘Business’ and ‘Private’ journey states at the touch of a button.


At Challenger we not only provide a driving behaviour solution which limits dangerous driving, improves driving performance and driver safety, but we can also get you up and running with overall fleet vehicle tracking. Know the location of your vehicles at all times.