Why you need an internet backup for your business

17th August 2022

Without the internet, most modern businesses would cease to exist. From point-of-sale software to customer relationship management tools, most daily tasks that all businesses rely on require an internet connection.

That means that any internet downtime can have a severe impact whether you are a school, retail business, tech company, or transport and logistics company. If your business experiences an internet outage, it’s in your best interest that you are well equipped with a backup!

Anything can happen to disrupt your internet connection, from natural disasters and harsh weather to construction work and human error. It’s impossible to predict events like these, so it’s critical to have a plan in place for any internet downtime.

The best way to prepare is to set up an internet backup solution. With a solution like this in place, any downtime on your main internet provider will automatically reroute all data and communications to your backup option.

Let’s look at what internet backup can do for you in the event of an outage!

Mitigate financial loss

For businesses that depend on Internet access to operate, the risk of an outage cannot be ignored. Without being online most businesses are unable to process orders and card payments, causing an instant loss in revenue.

According to Small Business Trends, most businesses need more than an hour to recover from a crashed connection and on average, it can cost a business up to £10,000 for every hour of downtime. Even a temporary internet outage can mean major disruptions in business processes, productivity, and revenue opportunities.

Having an internet backup can protect your business against failure of internal and customer‑facing communication, inability to access important data, and ultimately lost revenue.

It increases competitive advantage

Having a backup in place helps you to stand out among your competitors – when an internet outage happens, you can continue without disruption and provide your services as usual.

Customers will see you as a highly dependable supplier and this may convince them to choose your business over others. Even during a natural disaster, they will know that they can always trust you and count on you to continue delivering a product or service.

Additionally, if your business wins work on the back of tender processes, having an internet backup can really make the difference between securing the project or not.

It meets legal regulation

If your business relies on access to critical data and communications, it is necessary that you have an internet backup in place. For example, in the NHS, regulators require businesses to be able to resume operations with little to no downtime or disruptions – even if it’s a natural disaster out of your control.

A backup Internet connection will help these types of businesses maintain uninterrupted connections and uphold legal regulations.

Don’t let your business be at risk of disruption. Find out more today by visiting or contact us to set up your internet backup!