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The best business vehicle tracking solutions

14th October 2020

Calling all fleet managers and transport companies – there’s a new bit of kit from Challenger and Trakm8 to help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve safety for your workforce. If you’re looking for the best all in one vehicle tracking and camera solution for your fleet of vehicles, look no further!

The RH600 4G Telematics Integrated Camera is the first dashcam to be combined with telematics in one compact device. Sitting on your windscreen, the RH600 records journeys whilst also monitoring driver and vehicle behaviour. With options such as live-streaming, triggered data files and an extra lens, the RH600 is the most comprehensive tracking camera available at the moment.

Benefit from a full-featured telematics system that enables you to receive vehicle health alerts and driver behaviour. The optional Connectedcare package can monitor the health of various parts of your vehicles and alert you to issues such as battery faults and fuel level and tyre pressure drops. Using the data being fed through from the RH600, you can utilise the Insight software platform to create reports on driver behaviour and vehicle health. Get the full picture in real time thanks to the RH600’s multi-featured set up.

If you need to check anything from a journey the telematics integrated camera allows you to access data in a number of ways. Live stream the road view – combined with GPS data this will assist you in identifying the reason behind a delay, helping to improve your customer service by being able to provide them with up-to-date information on deliveries. Access previous journeys from up to 90 days in the past with 64GB built-in storage as standard, and receive footage from the driver at the touch of a button in the event of an incident. You can also benefit from automatic transmission of harsh events or collisions, so you are always in the know about your fleet and drivers’ wellbeing.

Make your journeys smarter – draw virtual lines around points of interest such as depots to create geo-fences and receive alerts when your vehicles enter or leave these areas. You can set up the automatic capture (via footage or photo) of the camera’s view during these alerts. This kind of data will enable you to track in more detail the time spent by drivers in important areas and monitor any out-of-hours usage.

Still not convinced? Let the statistics speak for themselves – the RH600 is proven to help achieve the below:

Up to a 50% reduction in insurance claims

Up to a 39% decrease in accident rates

Up to a 35% decrease in speeding incidents

Up to a 10% improvement in fuel economy


Sound good? Get in touch with Challenger today for a chat with a tracking expert and to see how we can optimise your business vehicle fleet.

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