Are you thinking about setting up your employees for remote working temporarily?

Worried about how to keep them connected and productive?

At Challenger we have the services, products and know-how to keep your company running efficiently in this uncertain time.

Mobile: Short-term sim only plans to issue to home workers with a company mobile number. Delivery to any address in the UK – so no need for them to come into the office or you to send out.
Internet: Short-term data only plans to enable network connectivity in any location.* Sims for tablets and iPads, dongles and hotspots.
VOIP: Diverts from landline to mobile, adapters to use work landlines at home, apps to use phone system on mobile.
Productivity: Office 365 licences to enable email and collaboration from any location. Box licences to provide world-class cloud storage that is accessible from anywhere, yet secure.

In this digital world we are better equipped than ever to work remotely – get in touch with us today to see how we can make it work for your business.


*Subject to network coverage.