Remote Working

Team Challenger share their home office spaces

29th April 2020

Now that we have had time to somewhat settle into our homeworking lives, the team at Challenger have been sharing some of their home ‘office’ spaces, plus the technology and essential items that are keeping them connected and motivated.


Zoe from our Customer Support team is getting cosy ignoring the washing in her dining room.

She is using Unity Mobile, a remote desktop connection to the office, her laptop, notepad and Challenger pen (of course), and Office 365.

Her essential items? Cat and wireless charger, both super supportive in very different ways.
Zoe Jones home office

No lack of company in Zoe’s working day


Dawn, our Account Management Team Leader, is using a whole suite of equipment borrowed from the office to help her work; laptop, mouse, calculator and office chair (yes, crammed it in the car for maximum comfort at home). She also has Unity Mobile on her phone, and is using a VPN, remote desktop, Office 365 and Box to keep connected to her team and her customers.

Most importantly, a photo of her first grandchild sits proudly in the centre of the makeshift ironing board/unit desk.

Dawn’s essential items consist of a brush for cleaning up the keyboard crumbs, dog biscuits to keep them quiet when the post gets delivered, Fred the giant teddy (for company), and her Home Hub streaming Greatest Hits Liverpool from the kitchen.

Dawn Home Ofiice


Mel, one of our Account Managers, is using her laptop, the brilliant UC-One software and remote desktop connection to keep providing great service to her customers.

Her essential items – the dogs! Rwban and Muffin making sure she doesn’t get lonely during the day.

Melanie Hughes home office

The cutest posers!


Samantha, another of our Account Managers, is keeping connected via her laptop, mobile phone, UC-One software, VPN, remote desktop, Office 365, Box and trusty avocado pen, notebook and calculator.

Sam has a room full of motivational items! Her Bluetooth speaker connected to Spotify, plenty of water, hand cream (as surplus hand washing has taken its toll). The beginnings of an indoor herb garden and of course a cardboard cut-out of Keanu Reeves to cheer her on.

But Sam’s essential item is ‘The Hound’, posing beautifully here…

Samantha Wilkes home office

We think Keanu would approve


Claire, our Customer Support Team Leader, is keeping connected with a whopping three screens. She has repurposed the kitchen TV into a second screen for her laptop and is using her tablet for Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with… her team, of course!

Claire’s essential item is a nice refreshing Red Bull.

Claire Noble home office

This is what productivity looks like!


Kev, our Training and Development guru, is using his laptop connected to the office remotely, a ‘borrowed’ company mouse, UC-One for those all-important conference calls, Office 365 and Box.

Kev’s essential items are a cup of coffee and his very helpful dog Rey – here she is ready for a hard day’s work.

Kevin Weare Home Office


Last but certainly not least, Gavin from Data Support is using UC-One on his laptop which is VPN connected to the office.

Here he is talking to a customer about doing a mail migration over to Office 365, whilst on a beanbag in the sun. Just shows how flexible technology has become!

Gavin Lee home office

Living his best life!

Although our makeshift home office spaces may come in all shapes and sizes, the secret to successful homeworking is staying connected, both to your customers and to your colleagues. In this bizarre time we are thankful for the clever technology that is keeping us united whilst apart, and allowing us to see real faces in real time!

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