Remote Working

Staying connected whilst working remotely

20th April 2020

Almost 5 million people in the UK alone either work from home or remotely, which is 6% of the UK’s population. Since the spread of Coronavirus, this number has risen both in the UK and globally. Many news sources say that by 2025 that number will have risen to around 8.5 million (16% of the population) as businesses decide to make the change a permanent one.

With this in mind, companies need to have a way to stay productive and connected with the rest of their team, their clients, suppliers and other business contacts. Staying in touch with your colleagues will help maintain productivity and project collaboration and keep you from spending the entire day with zero outside interaction.

Challenger work with many businesses all over the UK who work remotely or from home, that’s why we have a range of business mobile plans available to support our customers and ensure that you and your employees stay connected anytime, anywhere.

What products or services do you need to implement?

Here at Challenger, we aren’t tied to any manufacturers, telephony systems, data or software providers. This means that you and your employees can benefit from a wide range of mobile and business communication options out there. With the latest and greatest tech, you can get your hands on the latest iPhone, Samsung or iPad! We can also supply a large range of mid to low-spec devices and rugged phones.

In addition to handsets we offer a range of sim only plans to assist you in providing employees with a company mobile number. We offer delivery to any address in the UK – so no need for them to come into the office or you to send out. Plus, they are simple to set up and activate!

To enable you to keep control of your business devices whether that’s mobiles, tablets or laptops, Challenger have a range of Mobile Device Management packages. Meaning you can manage all staff devices on one portal and secure your corporate data from potential attacks. Plus, these MDM packages are quick and simple to deploy and have an instinctive and seamless user interface.

Visit our Business Mobile section for more information or get in touch today to see how we can support you and your employees whilst working remotely.


From 26th March to 26th June 2020, you can now add 30-day sim only plans to your existing account, giving you the flexibility to choose the right data each month depending on your business needs and the ability to continue to do business with the EU. For more information on our ‘flexible tool-kit’, read more here.