Remote Working

Remote-working – a long-term consideration?

20th January 2021

As we think back on 2020, Challenger are looking to find the silver lining in what has been a difficult year for some businesses. One such glimmer of positivity that we have seen is how well businesses have adopted remote-working processes and are even considering keeping it as part of their working routine.

While the pros and cons of working from home have been a hot topic, here at Challenger we see a great value in adapting to more flexible working patterns if suitable. Two key identifiers between those business that succeed or fail at rolling out remote-working are Communication and Technology according to MIT.

Communication from management and across the team is vital. Although separated by distance, keeping in tune with employees and giving necessary support and engagement can be easily managed with tools such as Teams, with frequent catch up sessions being scheduled to keep you on track. As long as communication is maintained consistently within teams, there have even been studies highlighting that the businesses who offered remote or flexible working pre-2020 had higher employee retention and engagement rates.  This could be down to staff feeling like they had more control over their own working schedule, or even a healthier work/life balance.

In terms of technology, not all employees are asking for shiny new laptops. Instead, the requirement is for software and devices that simply allow them to effectively do their job. Whether that be communicating across the team, supporting customers or managing productivity, organisations must ensure their staff have the basic tools required.

Whilst Challenger can’t schedule your team catch-ups, we can ensure your business has the much-needed software and set-up to give yourselves the best chance at success… and help drive your business forward.

Although requirements vary from business to business, our Key Account Managers have put together a core Cloud Package as a one-stop shop for remote-working.

Our Cloud Package includes:

Office 365

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. – the essentials for any business!
  • Microsoft Teams – for online meetings and collaborative work.
  • OneDrive – sync all documents automatically across the team.

VoIP system

  • Your phone system in the cloud.
  • Receive business calls on office handsets or a mobile device via the app.


  • Host and collaborate on files and folders.
  • Share large files easily.
  • Send information to customers securely and view open/download stats.

Business mobiles

  • Be productive and contactable anywhere.
  • Access all of the above from your mobile through the relevant apps.


If you are struggling with any aspect of your team working remotely, or are interested in our Cloud Package, get in touch with us.