Life at Challenger – Planting our trees

18th November 2021

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, and to help us reduce our impact on the environment, we planted 30 trees this week! Behind Challenger HQ on the Deeside Industrial Park, we are lucky to have a beautiful natural area known as ‘The Triangle’, which is part of the local cycle path network and maintained by the amazing people at Sustrans.

With help from Sustrans we have located an area alongside the train track which will become ‘Challenger Wood’ – and on Tuesday we went down there to help plant the wood itself! We have a lovely mixture of trees including Wild Cherry, Oak, Holly, Horse Chestnut and Field Maple, which will all help contribute to creating a better environment both for local wildlife and for cycle path users.

Each baby tree was planted with a support stake, a wrap to discourage the rabbits from chowing down on them, and a mat surrounding the tree to stop the brambles regrowing and interfering with the tree’s growth. We are thrilled to have been able to do this and grateful to Sustrans for their advice and help so far. We look forward to watching the trees grow over the coming years and will be regular visitors down to The Triangle to maintain and enjoy the green space.

If you happen to be in the area, whether visiting us at Challenger or cycling nearby, please go down and take a look at our lovely trees. You can find them here!