Life at Challenger – Returning to the office!

22nd September 2021

With 2021 being a thankfully fairly uneventful year, life at Challenger has been ticking along nicely with just a few notable events!

Over the Summer we finally had our solar panels installed on the roof of Chall HQ in Deeside, helping us move closer to our goal of becoming a net zero company. In addition to our fully electric business fleet and tree-planting initiative, we are making steps in lots of areas to become more sustainable, and friendlier to the environment around us.

We invited all staff back into the office from 1st Sept, but we have kept our hybrid working rota for those who wish to continue with the new, more flexible working pattern. It’s been great seeing long-lost colleagues and having some face to face meetings again!

On the 7th of Sept we completed the acquisition of Synergy Business Consultants as part of our long-term growth plan, a really exciting development that you can read more about here!

Finally Apple announced their latest devices which are available to pre-order now – check out our summary of the event and a handy infographic all about the new iPhones here.

Looking forward we have our 30th anniversary celebration trip to Chester Zoo at the end of September – so stay tuned for news from that and plenty of animal photos…