Life at Challenger

Life at Challenger – Bikes, Breaks and Social Distancing

11th November 2020

2020… it hasn’t been how any of us planned!

At Challenger, we are keen to ensure that we adapt and improve in any situation thrown at us, and this year has been a real test of that. Thankfully, the team were ready to evolve and have embraced a mixture of homeworking and safe office working to keep motivations high.

How about a bike ride?

What do you do on your lunch break? Sit and eat? Drive to the shops? Work straight through?

We are promoting healthier breaks at Challenger with the purchase of 3 new push bikes! Office staff are being encouraged to borrow a bike on their break and get some fresh air with a ride around the Deeside Industrial Park. With a picturesque cycle path and the River Dee just behind the office, there are plenty of routes to explore and sights to see. Some of us have even zipped up to sunny Connah’s Quay for a lunchtime picnic!

Looking after each other at this time

At Challenger we firmly believe that it’s people who make us what we are, and we are keen to support both mental and physical health for our employees, especially at this strange time. We are also very aware of (and working towards reducing) our environmental impact, so if a few people take a bike instead of their car to the shops a few times a week this all helps to chip away at our carbon footprint.

Social distancing in the office

The bike life isn’t for everyone though, so we have an alternate option for lunch times – our garden marquee! We have set up a large marquee tent with socially distanced picnic benches to increase space for people in the office to sit and eat together (but not too close!). This, in addition to our office/homeworking rota, ensures there is plenty of room for everyone in the office to work and relax safely.