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Keeping productivity
levels high whilst
hybrid working

In March 2020 the UK Government announced a nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with everyone except key workers advised to work from home.

During this time many workforces adapted to a more flexible form of working which allowed for an improved work/life balance.

Since restrictions were lifted, many organisations have changed their working environment and made a permanent move to hybrid working.

Despite all of the challenges from living and working at home during the pandemic, many employees have found unexpected benefits in a hybrid work model.

At home there is the ability to focus with less noise and distractions, more time for family and friends, less time and money spent commuting and higher motivation levels.

Returning to the office a few days a week reunites teams and allows for easier collaboration and innovation, gives employees a break from home life and keeps people connected.

Hybrid Working Products

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of workers say their work-life balance is better since starting hybrid working


state that they are more productive at work since adopting a hybrid approach

*Stats taken from Reed’s Whitepaper - The evolution of work: post-pandemic hybrid working

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The team at Challenger really pulled out the stops.

When our internal telephone system failed, they managed to get us set up with a temporary number with a divert and have 8 new Yealink VOIP telephones programmed, dispatched and installed within a week. There was no disruption to business and, most importantly, no stress to me, top work Challenger, I can’t thank you all enough.

Gilbert Baitson

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