Remote Working

5 ways remote-working can benefit your business

13th July 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak presented some unique challenges for companies all over the world as many found themselves sending all of their employees home to work remotely at a moment’s notice.

Despite the initial frantic rush for some to get staff set up with all the necessary tools to work from home, many businesses have now settled into this new routine and are even starting to consider flexible working as the way to go in a post-lockdown world.

We’ve rounded up some of the key benefits for adapting to a remote-working policy in your workplace:

Work-life balance

Remote working offers a flexible schedule, which can be invaluable for workers who are balancing other life commitments like the school run. However, there can also be some challenges to overcome with merging your office with your home as it can blur the lines between work and relaxation. You can find out how to overcome these here.

It can save money

Working from home can be of financial benefit to a lot of employees as it avoids spending on commuting, parking, work lunches out and a professional wardrobe. However, these savings aren’t just for employees, as many companies can save money when it comes to overheads, real estate costs and travel subsidies (to name a few).

Environmental impact

Whilst the pandemic has caused disruption to many aspects of day-to-day life, an area which has benefitted hugely during this time is the environment. Carbon emissions have dropped dramatically during lockdown due to less commuters on the roads, and a permanent shift to working-from-home for businesses worldwide could see these fall further still.

Increased productivity

An annual survey from 2019 found that 65% of working professionals thought they were more productive when working remotely and 49% of employees claimed they would work from home when they really need to ‘buckle down and get the work done’. Working from home has fewer interruptions (well, when the schools go back), less office politics and can often provide much quieter and private working environments than an office space.

Flexible communication

Working from home also can offer more flexible communication opportunities, and the sudden increase in video conferencing has enabled business to connect with clients and associates all over the world, whilst also eliminating travel time and costs. Here at Challenger, we’re big believers in flexible working and collaboration, and our flexible tool-kit gives businesses what they need to continue working remotely during this time. This package includes Microsoft Teams, O2’s audio conferencing app and McAfee Multi-Access.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you and our employees can work from home more efficiently, get in touch with a member of our team today.