Remote Working

How to quickly set up remote working for your team…

12th March 2020

Remote working is the norm for many businesses these days, but the news of COVID-19 has bought it to the forefront of some organisations’ ‘health management’ strategy. For these businesses, they haven’t had the evolution of time to adapt to this working method and, for some, their infrastructure is lacking some key components to keep their staff productive.

This week, Challenger are proud to have supported some of our key clients in their transition to remote working, whether this be for the short or long-term.

Depending on different business needs, our Account Managers have worked to unlock the key tools to keep our clients operating.

Short-term Sim Only Plans

One key element of working from home is ensuring your team are contactable, not only to internal teams, but to your customers and suppliers.

Rather than having to sit and unpick which minutes were work related, equip your team with short-term sim cards so they are able to stay in contact and keep your business moving. Plus, this allows your team to keep their personal phone numbers separate to work-related operations.

As most staff required to work from home will have Wi-Fi, low data deals are cheap and a short-term contract keeps costs low and manageable.

2 low sim only tariffs for 3 months on O2:

500MB data – 500 mins and unlimited texts – £14.50 pm

2GB data – Unlimited mins and texts – £16.50 pm


These sim only deals are simple to set up and activate, plus they can be delivered to any address – again keeping your workforce safe.


Once your team are able to stay in contact with customers, how best can you keep internal processes flowing? Office 365 packages help maintain productivity levels across all devices and locations.

Plus, with live updates, members of your team can share and access files stored securely online – avoiding delays or confusion while working offsite.


Once your infrastructure, communication and collaboration are set up, the key is to keep things moving. Ensure morale is high in the team, and your company values are reinstated to keep your team on track.

Who knows, remote working may become part of your normal working structure if it proves a success!


For any further support on how to set up your remote workforce, contact Challenger and see if we can help keep your business moving.





As we have mentioned the latest Coronavirus Pandemic in our blog, it is our responsibility to advise all our customers and partners to follow government guidance for keeping the workplace safe for all employees.