How to maintain productivity on the go

10th August 2021

Team productivity can have a significant impact on your business’s current and future success. Finding an effective way to maintain productivity on the go, regardless of where you are, is essential.

Following the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many companies and their employees have started working from home. However, this can be challenging as the home is a relaxed environment and, with all sorts of distractions, staying productive can become an uphill task.

Maintaining productivity on the go whether there is a change in the usual workplace or simply to increase current productivity is vital. In this blog post, we share with you some tips to stay productive.

Get a Smartphone with Business Management Features

With recent technological advancements, nearly all businesses are changing their usual working processes and business activities. Employees’ capacity to work virtually from anywhere, at any time, and maintaining productivity on the go is becoming increasingly reliant on smartphone devices, easily accessible high-speed internet, and the cloud.

Getting a business smartphone with all the features needed to manage some of your tasks on the go will help you stay up to date and on top of your ‘to-do list’. You should choose a smartphone that allows you to integrate Office 365 seamlessly on your smartphone and effortlessly synchronise your phone with your PC.

Better Time Management and Organisation

When it comes to being productive, proper scheduling, organisation, deadlines, and time management are essential practices, and there are numerous productivity tools available for this purpose. When you use the proper tools, you will be able to perform on the go, just as well as when you are at the office.

There are many Project Management tools that you can try, such as Trello, Asana and Paymo. Many of these tools provide FREE trials too, so that you can check that they are right for your business and your team before committing to a monthly subscription!

Enhance your communication and Teams collaboration

When working remotely, it is important to have the means to maintain regular communication with your team for optimal productivity. Having the right apps and tools that work seamlessly on all devices can help you communicate better and boost your productivity on the go. With the right cloud-based communication software and apps, you can enhance your team’s communication and collaborate more efficiently. Check out our article on 4 apps to help boost your Teams calls.

Find a Working Document Management System

When it comes to productivity, having a working task or document system is extremely important. To maintain productivity on the go, invest in a central location where you can store all of your files so that they are cloud-based and accessible on all devices. As part of the Office 365 package you will have access to 1TB of OneDrive for Business storage, with the option to upgrade if needed. You can also use SharePoint, allowing your team to share files and sync information in File Explorer using the same desktop client as OneDrive for Business.


When working from home you are in charge of managing how you work. Taking breaks for a coffee, walking around, stretching your feet, and even checking your social media account is okay as long as you are getting some work done. However, it is easy to get distracted with kids playing in the background, the temptation to binge-watch your favourite Netflix show and other home-based diversions. Regardless of the work environment, to be productive you must be in the right mindset and focus on getting the job done. Make lists of your daily to-dos and things you need to do before taking breaks, set an alarm and find a quiet and comfortable workplace. All of these will help you stay focused with the right mindset.


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