Remote Working

How Office 365 can boost staff productivity

12th October 2020

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on businesses across the world. Many workplaces had to rapidly adopt remote working policies and this left staff productivity in quite a vulnerable place.

Thankfully, technology such as Office 365 is able to boost workplace efficiency by allowing members of your team to work online or offline, at their desks or while on the move via mobile devices, with apps like Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams.

We explore the ways in which Office 365 can transform your business by boosting productivity and efficiency.

Video conferencing with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an online communication and collaboration tool within the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Over the first six weeks of the coronavirus lockdown, Microsoft reported that Teams had experienced a 70 per cent increase in its usage, surpassing 75 million daily active users.

However, businesses soon discovered that Teams could actually benefit workplace productivity in the long run, rather than serving as just a stop-gap during lockdown. This robust video conferencing platform enables people to continue to meet and ‘see’ each other, but eliminates the time and cost of travel. With the platforms built-in messaging, screen sharing and document sharing functionalities, this tool makes working together easier than ever before.

Syncing documents using OneDrive

OneDrive enables its users to sync files between their computer and the cloud, meaning that files can be accessed from anywhere – i.e. your laptop, mobile device and via Any changes you make to the files or folders within your OneDrive also update in real time, keeping your work up-to-date.

This tool can save your staff huge amounts of time when it comes to hunting around for the latest documents, and also eliminates the need to restore files in the dreaded event that your laptop crashes or shuts down.

Sharing a workplace calendar with Outlook

The Outlook Calendar tool makes organising meetings as easy and hassle-free as possible. Users of the tool can easily share their schedules with both colleagues and clients in order to arrange the most convenient date and time for a meeting.

Outlook also sends useful reminders for upcoming meetings, meaning that your staff will have real trouble forgetting any upcoming meetings and appointments in their diary!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our Microsoft Office 365 packages can benefit your business, get in touch with a member of our team today.