Say hello to the new Google phone…  Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL

15th November 2019

It’s smarter, better, faster and that’s just the start of this year’s Google phone, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, which feels like the future of mobile technology.

Here we break down just a few of our favourite features of the Google Pixel 4 range and how they can ensure you have the best handsets for your team.

MotionSense that exudes futurity

Alongside Face unlock, the device features a shrunken radar chip that’s so advanced it can detect when you reach for your phone, so you’ll never have to stare at a blank screen again. You can still control your Pixel 4 when you’re running on the treadmill or enjoying your favourite meal – without touching your phone.

A Camera that can take photos of the Milky Way

On the back you’ll find the Pixel 4’s most obvious upgrade: a dual camera. The Pixel 4 has a large square camera array in the top left corner that’s designed to stand out. Giving you studio-like photos, without the studio.

A faster and smarter Google Assistant

The new Google Assistant allows you get more done with your voice, providing an easy and fast way to control your phone on the go. With a simpler integration with your favourite apps, you can control your phone with just your voice, so you can do more of what you want- like finding and sharing photos and setting up reminders.

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