Flubot SMS Scam

13th May 2021

A text message scam that infects Android phones is spreading across the UK.

Originally purporting to be from DHL, the Flubot scam comes via text message and seeks to infect Android phones by asking you to download an app. The app is in fact malware, software intentionally designed to cause damage. The software then takes over your device and allows access to your personal details and bank details.

As of last week, it has been reported that it can now look like it’s coming from other courier and service providers besides DHL. The scam can see incoming notifications, make calls and transmit your contact list back to its control centre. It can also allow the scammers to send multiple messages from your device, sharing the malware to other people, including your contacts.

We advise that you be careful about clicking links received in an SMS format and only download apps directly from your app store. This scam is targeted towards Android users only however we would give the same advice to anyone using any other mobile device, just to be on the safe side!

Please know that if you have already been hit with this scam and you believe your device has been affected, there is no fix for this malware currently. The National Cyber Security Centre recommends that you perform a full factory reset on your device which will wipe it to remove the malware. You may lose some data or files by doing this, so please remember to back up your files to a cloud account if you have one.

If you are concerned about keeping your mobile and data safe, you can read more about how to stay safe during a text scam here.