Everything You Need to Know About the New iPhone 11

20th September 2019

The biennial launch of a new generation of Apple iPhone has become a recognised date in every tech-fanatic’s calendar. With each new model, a fresh wave of innovative features and improvements are promised in fistfuls in order to entice consumers. But for those who aren’t so well-versed in highly technical language, breaking down precisely what each upgrade means  can be fairly difficult. Since Apple announced the launch of their new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, this has been the talk at the forefront of every tech-radar. But in layman’s terms, what do these models really mean for the everyday consumer?

Here at Challenger, we like to make things nice and simple. We’ve broken it down to the facts that really matter, informing you of everything you need to know about the new iPhone range:

A giant step forward in photo quality

The introduction of an all-new dual-camera design is what’s really put the new iPhone on the map. With an ‘ultra-wide’ lens now allowing you to capture what’s outside the frame, the landscape for what can be achieved with smartphone photography is rapidly transforming. This makes it virtually impossible for end-users to take a bad quality photo.

Better battery life

Apple has been working hard behind the scenes with this new range to improve on battery life. According to testing, the new iPhone 11 lasts for 17-hours of video playback, the 11 Pro for 18 and the 11 Pro Max for an impressive 20. So if you’re one of society’s power users, this new range will be well worth the upgrade.

And what we’ve all been waiting for… Night mode

Shooting in low-light has always been the iPhone’s downfall. The introduction of ‘Night Mode’ drastically improves on the detail, quality and brightness of photos taken in low lighting. The new model is directly comparable to the shooting modes from Google and Huawei. Many news reporters have hailed this the most important upgrade of the iPhone 11 range, especially for those who are already keen mobile photographers.

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Image courtesy of Apple (UK)