Remote Working

Business Device Security Whilst Working from Home

9th September 2020

In March this year the whole world was at a standstill due to a global pandemic, with many businesses having to furlough their employees or send them home to work. Since then the number of businesses choosing to continue with employees working from home is rising, with some companies deciding to ditch their office base in order to save thousands each month and others keeping staff in the office to a minimum.

It’s easy to believe that in today’s digital world that we can be as flexible as we need to, but it’s vital devices being used remotely are kept secure and are able to recognise potential security threats.

Given these circumstances, we thought we would share ways in which you can keep your business devices safe and protected, not just for IT teams but for individuals to take their own precautions.

Mobile Device Management

Here at Challenger we offer a Mobile Device Management package which enables you to keep control of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops when members of your team are working remotely.

With our platforms, such as MaaS360, you can manage your devices on one portal and secure your corporate data from potential attacks. This ensures that you have peace of mind sending company phones into people’s homes, knowing that you can wipe or lock them remotely and send out new settings or applications automatically.

McAfee Home Wi-Fi Security

Since most WFH staff will be using their own home Wi-Fi, we also offer the McAfee Secure Home Platform which is smart security for your home network. This service automatically secures your connected devices through a router with McAfee protection.

As most devices aren’t built to be secure, anything that connects to the Internet can connect you to online threats, that’s why smart security like this is so important! Plus, you can control them all on an easy to use mobile app.

McAfee security allows you to hide your devices from hackers by locking down your router and restricting all outside network access, checking every connection to the Internet from every device and blocking connections to bad websites. It also allows you to prevent selected devices on your network from connecting to the Internet while you are away from home, which provides enhanced protection.

Mobile and Tablet Care Packages

For a small monthly fee, we also cover theft, loss or accidental damage of your business mobiles and tablets. As specialists in phone care, we can offer a better deal than generalised insurance companies and can offer a package from as little as £2 per month.

Making a Phone Care claim is so easy, and Challenger handle all aspects of it for you, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is contact your dedicated Account Manager and we can have a replacement sent to an employee’s home address.

If you are interested in any of the above to secure your WFH team then contact Challenger today or visit our website to find out more.