Vehicle & Asset Tracking

When you have a team which spends a lot of time traveling to deliver the goods or services you provide, it’s vital that you can keep track of them.

Real Time Visibility

Challenger provide a comprehensive and cost-effective GPS vehicle and mobile tracking solution for any size of fleet in any type of industry, giving you real-time visibility of your remote workforces.

Track and trace movements and reduce insurance costs all in one easy to use package.

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Vehicle Tracking

With our Vehicle Tracking, a full reporting suite puts the information you need at your fingertips. The suite can be set to send alerts triggered by specific events such as vehicle movement and geofence entry/exit.

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Mobile Tracking

Regular updates provide management with a visual record of the movement of employees.

The system can also be set to issue email alerts to inform administrators of events such as when a device enters or leaves a specified geofenced location, or when in a speeding vehicle.

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