Cloud Storage

Box, offered by O2, is an online storage and cloud management tool used by some of the world’s
leading brands.


The information that fuels your business can be kept securely in one easily reached destination, accessible at all times, from any location.

Your data is always completely safe, unlike data stored on your premises, which will be lost if the hardware on which it is stored fails or is lost.

Unlike most on-site storage systems, Box enables users to share material with people outside the firewall quickly and easily and can also be accessed from any mobile device with nothing more complicated than your log in details.



Box works perfectly with Office 365 and can also be integrated with tools such as SharePoint,, Netsuite, Jive, Google Docs, DocuSign, MobileIron and Good.

Our team will work with you to decide whether any custom integration is required, and will provide whatever your business needs from Box.


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