Airsys Cloud Radios

If you could turn your device into a local, national or worldwide communications solution at the touch of a button, how would this improve your business communications?

Global Reach

With Airsys radios from Challenger, you can seamlessly bridge between two-way radios and new cellular devices, increasing the range of your existing systems and providing a local, national and global instant communication and tracking reach.


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Broadband Push-to-Talk

Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) is a solution to allow instant and global communication at a push of a button over a broadband network on a cellular device (smart phone); effectively turning your cellular device into a two-way radio using a broadband network.

BBPTT consists of using a cellular network such as 3G, 4G or 5G or a Wi-Fi network simultaneously to provide communication between two or more users.

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Features & Benefits

  • Multiple user groups/channels
  • Fully customisable
  • Sophisticated dispatcher
  • Task manager & record history
  • Location (GPS) & geo-fencing
  • Indoor localisation
  • Lone worker protection including worker down and impact detection
  • Video calling and PTV (push to video)
  • Remote control & camera access
  • Ambient listening
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