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As a Challenger customer you receive support from our dedicated team who are just a phone call or email away.


Our team members have 26 years of experience between them and are knowledgeable about all things mobile. They are friendly and helpful, and talk in simple terms with no jargon.

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Customer Support are here to help with a wide range of issues and queries, including common questions such as:

How do I improve my battery life?
How much will it cost me to use my phone abroad?
How do I make a Phone Care claim?
How do I improve my signal?
Can you help me connect my phone to my car?
What do I need to do to get my emails on my phone?
I don’t understand something on my bill, please help!
I have a new phone, how do I transfer my information across?

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Phone Care

Making a claim is easy and we handle all aspects of it for you. Just let your Account Manager or our Customer Support team know and we will organise a replacement plus collection of your broken device where needed. One of the team will take ownership of your claim and be on hand for any queries you might have.

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